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What are Must Have Pregnancy Supplements?

The very idea of taking pregnancy supplements is something that a lot of women consider due to the desire to make sure that their body is getting the correct nutrition and anything else that it needs. However, trying to determine the best pregnancy supplements to take can often feel as if you are stepping into a minefield. That alone is stressful.

must have pregnancy supplements

The problem is that people will generally have no idea where to even begin. So, to help, we are going to lead you through that minefield to allow you to get to the other side and have a firm understanding of what it is that you should do.

A List of Pregnancy Supplements.

supplements during pregnancy

Now, we could sit here and just offer an extensive list of the various pregnancy supplements, but that would only further complicate matters. So, we have narrowed down the list of those that we deem to be important. Remember, this is in accordance with research and not just some guesswork as to the right vitamins to take when pregnant.

Prenatal Vitamins.

prenatal vitamins

One thing that you should give some serious consideration to is taking prenatal vitamins. This will provide you with a balanced multivitamin that has been specially created to help pregnant women.

Due to the varying levels of hormones in your body, it can then become more difficult for your body to be able to regulate itself in the way that it has been used to. You see, when you are pregnant, there is a greater need for something called micronutrients, and that is quite an exact science. However, trying to follow a plan for these micronutrients on your own is not going to be easy.

Thankfully, prenatal vitamins will make a real difference, and it will do so in a short period of time.

Folic Acid.

folic acid supplements

Folic acid is something that you should consider taking during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy as well as when you are trying to conceive. Please do not confuse this with an iron supplement as there is a difference. Also, iron supplements should only be taken when you have anemia and at no other time.

Folic acid has been shown to reduce the chances of any birth defects, and that is why taking it in those first few weeks is so important. 



Magnesium plays a major role during pregnancy, and a deficiency in the mineral is going to potentially spell disaster for you. If your levels of magnesium are low it can lead to increased blood pressure as well as premature labour. Also, other studies have indicated that boosted magnesium levels may lead to a reduction in the chances of fetal growth restriction.

Vitamin D.

vitamin d supplemets

A growing number of individuals suffer from reduced levels of Vitamin D, and that has been linked to a series of health issues. If you are pregnant, then Vitamin D has the ability to be absorbed by the body, but even that is not enough.

With Vitamin D, lower levels in the body has been shown to potentially lead to gestational diabetes. Also, it is linked to reducing instances of infection while a deficiency in it could lead to a lower birth weight for your child.

Fish Oil.

fish oil supplement

There are numerous pieces of research into the use of fish oil supplements during pregnancy, and they pretty much all come out on the side of this being a positive thing for you to do. In these supplements, you are looking more specifically at EPA and DHA, and they have both been shown to be effective at improving the cognitive function of your baby as well as their visual development. 

Furthermore, other studies have indicated that Omega-3 may be linked to a reduction in the potential for your child to be born with various allergies. However, that is something that does require some additional before it is fully understood.



Probiotics can be something that is overlooked, but if you are pregnant then this is something that you should not avoid. It has been shown to be capable of reducing the potential for allergies in your child. Also, it will help to soothe your gut which is certainly going to be going through a very tough time.

Some women have also been concerned that probiotics are not safe during pregnancy. In fact, the opposite is true. In addition, it is believed that by boosting that healthy bacteria in your gut that it can also reduce the chances of you developing various illnesses. Thanks to this, you will find it easier to keep your strength up for what can sometimes be a difficult time. Do look at probiotics that provide you with various strains of good bacteria to then make sure that you get all of the help that they can then offer. 



Finally, there’s ginger but this does come with a word of warning. While it is safe, you need to be careful with how much you take as you should not exceed 1500mg. 

What ginger is going to do is to help with vomiting or nausea which may become something of a problem during your pregnancy. Also, it is completely safe when it comes to your baby, so there’s no need to have that kind of concern. You may find some stories regarding the use of ginger and miscarriages, but that will only become a potential issue if you are taking sky high amounts of ginger on a daily basis, and even then it’s not something that is then guaranteed to happen 

For us, the supplements mentioned above are really going to prove to be essential for anybody who is pregnant. Of course, we are all different when it comes to levels of minerals and vitamins that are in our body, so we have sought to provide you with some general information that is safe and follows the vast amounts of research that have been carried out over the years. By following the advice and tips noted above, you will discover that you will feel substantially better both physically and mentally throughout your pregnancy.

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